Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Installing Ubuntu from within Windows - using Wubi

This video is courtesy reponzo01.

This video is for anyone wanting to try out Ubuntu without having to worry about partitioning or doing anything to your Windows installation.

This tutorial walks you through installing Ubuntu with Wubi (

Wubi (Windows-based Ubuntu Installer) is an official Windows-based free software installer for Ubuntu.Wubi can also uninstall Ubuntu from within Windows.

Wubi installs Ubuntu as a single file on your harddrive. No partioning required.

And just as easily, you can uninstall Ubuntu using your Windows Control Panel...the Add/Remove Programs thing.

Don't take Wubi for granted. It actually installs the entire Ubuntu operating system...fully functional. You can boot into it like you normally would, watch videos, play games and even do the 3D effects. It's a real installation...but just in one main file.

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